I Believe in Supply Management. I Believe in Farmers by Jen Christie.

Savvy Farmgirl

pablo (6)Whenever supply management is under pressure, the anxiety I felt as a kid during the World Trade Organization’s tariff negotiations always comes back to me.

Far too young to understand what a tariff was, but knowing from my parents’ conversations at the dinner table it could mean something bad for us, I started asking friends at school if I could live with them when we lost our farm. When my parents found out, they insisted that wasn’t going to be necessary, and I don’t really remember paying too much more attention to supply management after that.

Until university and Alfons Weersink introduced me to the economic model that is isn’t supply management. It was the first time I learned the system, which allowed my parents to steadily grow the farm and the lifestyle I was raised with, was not “normal”.

Before then, all I really knew was we had this system and my…

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